Rapid test & learn backed up with rigorous analysis


Designed to identify friction

Our enterprise CRO audit has been designed to identify friction on your website and provide clear steps to improving conversion rate and user insight.

Data Validation – We perform a full review of your Google Analytics set-up and measure the data integrity. We also benchmark your set-up against our recommended ecommerce specifications. The outcome of this is a clear set of recommendations and direction of any necessary changes that will improve data integrity and user insight.

Measure the Opportunity – Our next step is our systematic page path and user profile analysis. This looks at the behaviour unique to your users and through this analysis we can identify areas of friction that are potentially causing difficulty in the user journey and damaging conversion rate. We then create an initial a/b testing roadmap backed up with hypotheses.

Our audit will unlock the potential of your web analytics data, find the opportunities for increased ROI and improve your data visibility to maximise its value.


The opportunity to experiment, iterate and grow

Our CRO programme creates the nimble environment that gives businesses the opportunity to experiment, iterate and grow by constantly refining the customer’s digital experience. Using the insight generated by out audit and pairing this with your business goals we help you define a long-term test and learn strategy.

Our audit process allows us to understand the most valuable areas to invest our time and resource. In our CRO Programme Strategy we map out a roadmap of experimentation, user testing and analysis. As well as a clearly defined long-term roadmap of testing we are firm believers of rapid and constant iterative testing and we build in the resource flexibility for you add to the roadmap at any time. We believe that having a CRO partner should partner should enable you to generate ideas and test them, quickly.

Supporting our CRO Programme Strategy is our bespoke prioritisation methodology. We have built an a/b testing prioritisation methodology that is weighted based upon client specific attributes.


Making CRO part of your BAU

We believe CRO should be something that is available in the toolbox of every ecommerce business. At Conversio it is our aim to instill a testing ethos in all of the businesses we work for. We work with our clients to break their testing roadmap down into iterative and strategic goals. Iterative testing is what we also call “business as usual” or BAU testing and it covers all the testing that clients want to be constantly doing. Strategic testing is more focused on longer term projects and goals and it assists our clients with the evolution of their web experience while minimising the mistakes they make along the way.

While most businesses are very open to achieving this goal, in reality there is not always the resource in place to do it. This is where Conversio come in. We tailor our programmes and resource to best fit the needs of our clients and make sure they can have a continuous programme and an “always on” CRO approach.


With every test, you learn more about your users

Every CRO programme should be backed up with continuous, targeted analysis and insight. One of the key challenges around using web analytics data alone to inform your testing and optimisation strategy is that it can often tell us what users are doing but not why they are doing it. More importantly it can’t tell us what users are not doing. This is why we recommend putting in place an ongoing programme of qualitative research and insight generation.

Conversio’s approach is one of producing meaningful, actionable insight at scale and in a cost-effective manner. We combine targeted interrogation of your web analytics data with remote user research that adds context to the data. This includes heatmapping, session tracking and feedback polls that allow us to build up a tangible picture of your users and the opportunities to improve their user experience throughout the CRO programme.


Find out how Conversio can improve your conversion rate

Whether you’re new to conversion rate optimisation or you’re looking to scale and build on an existing testing programme we’d love to hear from you.

Have a chat with one of our consultants and get an initial idea of how CRO could help improve efficiency for your business and create a better experience for your visitors and customers.